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Salary rates for faculty, academic staff and other unclassified positions are maintained by the UW-Madison Office of Human Resources (OHR) Academic Personnel Office, and are updated annually.

Below is a directory of frequently-used rate information; additional information can be found on the OHR Academic Personnel Office Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, and Handbooks for Unclassified Employees page

Other Research/Outreach Positions (Category A Academic Staff)
Includes Research Specialist, Outreach Specialist, Lab Manager, Outreach Program Manager, Research Program Manager and other positions without responsibilities similar to faculty.

Determining Catgeory A salary rate is a two-step process:

  1. Determine salary grade code for the position title/level
    Using the OHR Unclassified Title Guide, locate the position title of interest. Corresponding salary grade codes for each level within the title are displayed at right, as shown below.In this example, the salary grade code for an Associate Research Specialist is 1 (click image to enlarge).Research Specialist decription, levels and salary grade codes
  2. Determine salary range based on salary grade code
    Using the Office of Human Resources Category A Academic Staff Salary Ranges table, locate the salary grade code that you identified in the previous step, as shown below. Corresponding salary ranges for Annual (A) and Academic (C) appointments are shown at right.In this example, the Annual appointment salary range for an Associate Research Specialist (grade code 1) is $29,094-$41,190 (click image to enlarge).Research Specialist decription, levels and salary grade codes
    Note: This example uses 2012-13 rates, so the values may not currently be correct. Follow the steps above to find current rates.

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  • Use 3% for salary increases in multiple year budgets. This is a guideline and if a department feels strongly that they want to use a higher percentage they can do so but agencies require that accurate projection rates are utilized.
  • NIH policy is to inflate at no more than 3% per year.
  • Consider any staff adjustments/promotions when budgeting, particularly on continuing grants with ongoing personnel.
  • Use 1% for fringe benefits increases in multiple year budgets.

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