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Routing a record in WISPER allows the user to transfer ownership to another person or to an administering division. Since a record may only appear in one inbox at a time, routing removes a record from the current owner’s inbox and places it in the new owner’s inbox.

Request an Approval:

Requesting an approval in WISPER asks for a review of a record by another user without transferring ownership of the record to them. When an approval is requested, an email notification is sent to the approver and the record will appear in the approver’s My WISPER worklist in the “Approvals I Need to Complete” section.

Respond to Approval:

To respond to an approval request:

  • Log into WISPER
  • Locate the record under “Approvals I Need to Complete”
  • Open the record, then click the Approvals tab.
  • Open the approval and enter a reponse. Responses include “Approve,” “Deny,” “Submit Comments Only,” and “Transfer.”

Signing for Proposal:

PIs are required to verify the information provided in the record prior to routing the document to RSP. Electronically sign the proposal using WISPER, making sure you verify that the PI name along with the date and time is stamped.

Signing for Award:

PIs must read the award terms and conditions and electronically sign the award using WISPER. In order for the PI to sign the Award signature, the Proposal signature must have previously been signed. After signing each statement (proposal and award), the PI name along with signature date and time will be stamped on the page as well as on the History page.

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Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) offers many reference guides addressing individual WISPER tasks. Guides particularly useful to PIs are listed below; all guides are available from RSP’s WISPER Home Page.

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Current WISPER information, including updates, training session schedules, reference guides, and training webcasts are available from RSP’s WISPER Home Page.

ContactsBack to Top

For assistance with entering/routing proposals, requesting approvals, and other WISPER tasks, contact your department Research Administrator or your CALS Research Division Preaward Team Contact.

For general WISPER information, email WISPER@rsp.wisc.edu

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