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A subagreement transfers part of the work specified by an award to another organization. The terms and conditions of the original award apply to the subagreement.

Collaboration with a colleague at another institution frequently requires a subagreement in order to transfer funds necessary to perform that part of the project. Subagreements are not used for Academic Support or other Fee for Service situations.

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Below is a brief overview of the process for establishing a subagreement; for additional information, see RSP’s Outgoing Subagreements page or contact your CALS Research Division Preaward Team contact..

Proposal Stage

  1. Establish a single due date for all subagreements sites.
    Recommended date is 2 weeks before proposal deadline.
  2. Obtain subcontract proposal documents from each cooperating institution.
    Documents should be specific to each institution’s portion of work on the project. Entire set of materials is required prior to submission.

    • Letter of Intent signed by an institutional official
    • Scope of work statement, specific to the subcontractor
    • Yearly and cumulative budgets in the sponsor required format
    • Budget narrative in the sponsor required format

    Note: Additional documents may be needed for a specific RFA. These documents may include biosketches, current/pending support forms or conflict of interest reports.

  3. Include subcontract budget totals in the appropriate line items in UW budget.

Award Stage

Issuing subagreements at time of award.

  1. After award set-up at UW, RSP requests Subagreement Information Table and subrecipient Scope of Work/Budget from WISPER campus contact via email.
    Subrecipient budget must meet sponsor requirements for level of detail and allowability. New subcontract requests are prepared by CALS preaward. Modifications after the new subcontracts are established and are processed by CALS postaward.
  2. RSP prepares requisition/formal subagreement and submits to subrecipient via email.
    Subagreement status can be monitored in the Sub-Award Tracking Database
  3. Subrecipient signs subagreement and returns to RSP.
  4. RSP submits requisition to Purchasing; PI/Department notified via email from SFS.
    A copy of the subagreement is available in WISDM, on the Associated Docs tab.

Note: Subcontracts are to be issued on a yearly basis. Requisition year 1 for the first 12 month period. 3 months prior to the beginning of year 2, consult with the PI to confirm that subcontractor has performed duties properly and whether a continuation should be issued for the next 12 month period. Continue this process until the last period. However, final period of continuation should end 90 days prior to the award end date. This is to insure that the subcontractor provides UW all deliverables and related invoices by the award end date. This is required in order for UW to meet the 90 day close-out requirement of most agencies.

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When UW-Madison is to be the recipient of a subagreement, a proposal should be submitted via WISPER, following the same process as a typical proposal.

Confirm due dates and proposal requirements with the prime applicant.

At time of award, the lead insitution will coordinate and issue subagreements to UW.

Subagreement Resources Back to Top

UW-Madison Campus Resources
RSP Outgoing Subagreements page Information on subagreement processing, from UW Research and Sponsored Programs
Subagreement Information Table Form to be completed and submitted to UW Research and Sponsored Programs once a Notice of Award has been received and an award has been set up.
Sub-Award Tracking Database Tool used for monitoring the status of subagreements, maintained by UW Research and Sponsored Programs. Subagreements are entered into this database when the Subagreement Information Table is received by RSP.

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For more information or assistance with subagreements, contact your department Research Administrator or your CALS Research Division Preaward Team Contact.

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