Cost Share

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Cost Sharing (matching) occurs when a portion of the cost for sponsored project is borne by UW-Madison, rather than by the sponsor.

UW-Madison Cost Sharing GuidelinesBack to Top

It is UW-Madison’s policy to minimize cost share, because of the programmatic, administrative, and financial impacts that cost sharing has on the University.

Impacts of cost-sharing commitments include:

  • Reducing the flexibility PIs have to conduct other research, when their effort is pledged to specific projects
  • Increasing the requirements for documenting commitments and expenditures
  • Decreasing the University’s recovery of F&A (indirect) costs

CALS Cost Sharing Guidelines Back to Top

Payrolling key personnel on the grant is the preferred method to indicate and document effort on new projects. If voluntary cost-sharing is proposed, CALS discourages cost-share of more than 10% of effort per project, per person.

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