Standard Research Agreement

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In order to move funds from a sponsor to the University, an agreement specifying the terms of the funding is needed. Most sponsors have an existing required agreement, but some, particularly industry sponsors and small organizations, do not.

In cases where a sponsor does not have their own required agreement, the UW-Madison Standard research agreement (SRA) is often used. This document includes standard terms and conditions that are acceptable to the university. If a sponsor agrees to the terms of the SRA, then we can proceed with signing the agreement as is.

Often, however, the SRA is used as a starting point for negotiation. In these cases, the CALS Research Division, in partnership with the PI, dept, and appropriate University office, will work with the sponsor to negotiate acceptable terms and conditions.

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A copy of the UW-Madison SRA that can be provided to sponsors for review is below. If a sponsor would like an editable copy that they can redline, please contact Sarah Marcotte in the CALS Research Division (see contact info below).

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For additional questions or assistance with Research Agreements, contact:

Sarah Marcotte
Research Administrator/Supervisor
CALS Research Division
(608) 890-1648



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