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Confidentiality Agreements (CDAs) or Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are used to protect the confidentiality of any proprietary information that needs to be evaluated by the other party, whether that information is being shared by the investigator with a potential sponsor or by a sponsor with the investigator.

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  • Whenever possible, use the UW-Madison Office of Industrial Partnerships Standard Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • If a collaborator provides their own CDA/NDA, the agreement must be reviewed and possibly negotiated by UW-Madison. In such cases, obtain a copy of the agreement (preferably Microsoft Word format), create a WISPER record, attach the agreement and any other relevant documents to the Attachments tab, and route the record to the CALS Research Division for review.
  • All CDAs/NDAs should be routed to the CALS Research Division via WISPER; they are then submitted by CALS for signature by the Office of Industrial Partnerships.
  • CDAs/NDAs are limited to confidential exchange of information between UW and a collaborator.  Any research agreements or other projects that emerge from subsequent discussions should be outlined in a supplemental agreement.

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For additional questions or assistance with CDAs/NDAs, contact:

Vince Borleske
Preaward Manager, CALS Research Division
(608) 2890-3180

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