Agreements Processing

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Awards and agreements are funding mechanisms that allow for the transfer of funds between organizations (eg: between sponsors and research institutions). Awards and agreements stipulate the terms for disbursement and use of funds. At CALS, the Research Division facilitates processing of all awards and agreements.

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  • If you receive an award or agreement directly from a sponsor, please attach it to the WISPER record for the project and email your CALS Research Division Preaward Team Contact to let them know that the award/agreement has arrived.
  • Send any physical paperwork, including checks, to the CALS Research Division.
  • Research Division staff will work with the appropriate campus office to process the award/agreement and to follow up on any issues.

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Research agreements and awards are reviewed in two offices on campus, Research and Sponsored Programs and the Office of Industrial Partnerships. Regardless of which office reviews an award or negotiates an agreement, account set up occurs at Research & Sponsored Programs.

The CALS Research Division will ensure that awards/agreements are routed to the correct office for processing, and will work with either office to support the agreement review and the award set up process.

Research & Sponsored Programs

  • Federal Contracts
  • State of Wisconsin Agreements and Shared Grants
  • Commodity Board Agreements
  • Nonprofit/Foundation Grant Agreements
  • Clinical Trails

Office of Industrial Partnerships

  • All agreements with industry
  • Material Transfer Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Master Agreements/MOU’s with industry partners


Agreement ContactsBack to Top

For additional questions or assistance with Agreements, contact:

Sarah Marcotte
Research Administrator/Supervisor
CALS Research Division
(608) 890-1648

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