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The FY 2010 AFRI RFA is anticipated for release in March 2010.


The Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) was authorized in the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (Pub. L. 110-246; i.e., the 2008 Farm Bill). AFRI supersedes the National Research Initiative (NRI). The AFRI program announcement contains the program descriptions, deadline dates and the eligibility information. CALS encourages you to explore funding opportunities under the new AFRI competitive grants program.


AFRI Grants shall be awarded to address priorities in United States agriculture in the following areas:

  • A) Plant health and production and plant products;
  • B) Animal health and production and animal products;
  • C) Food safety, nutrition, and health;
  • D) Renewable energy, natural resources, and environment;
  • E) Agriculture systems and technology; and
  • F) Agriculture economics and rural communities.


Request for Proposals

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The USDA CSREES AFRI (Agriculture and Food Research Initiative) Request for Proposals has been released. View the complete 2009 AFRI Request for Proposals.


Here are some tips and hints to remember when putting together your application:

  • Applications should be submitted via Cayuse424.
  • A WISPER record is required and should be signed and routed to the Research Division prior to submission.
  • If you plan on subcontracting to another organization please have signed subcontract paperwork from those organizations (signed by an authorized official) prior to routing the proposal for review and submission.
  • The recovery of indirect costs on awards made by CSREES under this program area may not exceed the lesser or the institution’s official negotiated indirect cost rate or the equivalent of 22% of total Federal funds awarded. Please calculate your indirect costs using 28.2% of total direct costs to equate to 22% of total federal funds.
  • If your budget contains any items normally excluded from the direct cost base when using modified total direct costs (subcontracts over $25,000, equipment, tuition remission, etc.) please calculate your indirect costs using 28.2% total direct costs AND 48.5% Modified totaly direct costs to see which indirect cost dollar amount is smaller.
  • For applied research projects, if a grant funded for research is commodity-specific and not of national scope, the grant recipient is required to match the USDA funds awarded on a dollar-for-dollar basis from non-Federal sources with case and/or in-kind contributions. Since most of the research conducted at this institution has a broader scope, please add a statement to the budget narrative explaining how your project reaches the national level.


Upcoming USDA AFRI Deadlines

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View complete AFRI Program List by Deadline Date


The following deadlines are for programs with a letter of intent or proposal due date within approximately one month or less.

To get more information about a specific award, please visit the AFRI Topic Areas and Deadlines.

    • Grant Title: Rural Development
      Letter of Intent Deadline: N/A
      Application Deadline: N/A


    • Grant Title: Animal Biosecurity CAP
      Letter of Intent Deadline: N/A
      Application Deadline:N/A



Links for AFRI Information

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