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Cayuse424 LoginUW-Madison uses Cayuse424 to submit most applications for Federal funding that requires submission through grants.gov. Cayuse is a web-based system for submitting applications via Grants.gov, the Federal government’s “one stop shop” for finding and applying for funding.

Anyone with a UW-Madison NetID and password can access Cayuse. For instructions and additional information, visit:

Cayuse Proposal Submission Tips

  • To view a proposal, you must search for it on the proposal tab. Once you enter the proposal itself and return to the proposal list, it will then appear on your recently viewed list.
  • Add permissions for faculty, on-campus collaborators, and department staff who need access to the proposal. You do not need to add permissions for CALS Research Division Staff.
  • Double-check your routing chain (under Routing & Approvals). If the PI’s name does not appear first or there are less than 3 boxes in the list, contact your CALS preaward team.
  • All document must be loaded in PDF format.
  • If a new Cayuse profile is needed or an institution needs to be added,¬†contact your CALS preaward team.


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Note on Budgeting for NIFA Proposals: Pay close attention to allowable indirect cost rates specified by individual RFA’s. If a specified rate is lower than UW-Madison’s negotiated rate, the specified rate must be applied to all direct costs (including equipment, tuition remission, and subcontracts exceeding $25,000)

NIH Submissions

NSF Submissions

FastLane Proposal Submission Tips

  • As soon as possible after creating the proposal, enable SRO view and edit access. Do not enable SRO view/edit/submit until you are ready for your proposal to be submitted.
    Proposal Actions” screen > Highlight applicable proposal > “Allow SRO Access” button
  • To allow another (non-SRO) individual to view and edit your proposal, assign it a proposal PIN and provide the individual with your temporary proposal ID and PIN. He or she can then access the proposal via the FastLane Other Authorized User login.
    Proposal Actions” screen > Highlight applicable proposal > “Proposal PIN” button

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