Protocol Lookup System

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The Graduate School’s PLuS (Protocol Lookup System) database contains information concerning UW-Madison Animal, Human Subject, Biological Materials and Stem Cell protocol status, including:

  • Protocol numbers
  • Protocol approval dates

PLuS is intended for administrators who have wide-ranging needs for protocol status information.

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This request process is for CALS personnel only. Individuals from other schools/colleges should contact their department administrator.

If you are a CALS Department Administrator or Research Administrator who requires access to PLuS in order to perform position duties related to research administration and compliance, complete the PDF form below and submit it via email to or as a paper copy to Becky Bound in Rm. 240 Agricultural Hall.

Note: By accepting access to PLuS, you agree that: all material you view will be treated as confidential; you will not share PLuS information with anyone without access to PLuS; and you will not let others use your credentials to access to PLus.

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