Animal Contact Risk Questionnaire (ACRQ)

ACRQ RegistrationBack to Top

Animal users are identified for enrollment into the Occupational Health program upon completion of the RARC Animal Use Certification or through past completion of the ACRQ.

New animal users can also be identified by their supervisor. Supervisors can contact UHS Occupational Medicine at 608-265-5610.

Completing ACRQ Forms via MyUHSBack to Top

  1. If you have not used MyUHS before, you will need to sign up for an account. For Instructions follow the link provided.
  2. Also, the UHS Occupational Health program web page can provide further details.
  3. Completion of the 3 Occupational Medicine forms listed below is needed by UHS prior to filling out the ACRQ.
    • ENTRANCE FORM: Personal Information
    • OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE: 1. Privacy Notice and Consent to Treat
    • OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE: 2. Authorization for Release of Occupational Health Records

ACRQ ReviewBack to Top

  1. After you complete and submit the ACRQ, you will receive a message from MyUHS in 24 to 36 hours acknowledging that your questionnaire has been received. If you do not receive this message please call the UHS Occupational Medicine program at 265-5610 to troubleshoot the issue.
  2. Occasionally the UHS Occupational Medicine program will need some clarification regarding some of the answers. If this is the case you will either receive a secure message alert via email or phone call asking for more details. You can access the secure message by logging into your MyUHS account.
  3. In 10 business days or less you and your supervisor will receive notification from UHS via email that the review has been completed. Keep this verification for your records.
  4. The ACRQ must be updated annually and a comprehensive renewal must be completed every 3 years.

ACRQ ContactsBack to Top

  • Jim Morrison, Occupational Health Officer, 263-2177,
  • Occupational Medicine, University Health Services, 333 East Campus Mall, floor 6, 265-5610

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