No-Cost Extensions

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  • No-cost extensions can be granted by a sponsor to allow project directors more time to meet their objectives.
  • A no-cost extension must be requested before the end date of an award.
  • Submit requests to the CALS Research Division at least one month before the end of an award (see request process guidance below).
  • If a request is made less than thirty days before an award ends, a Provisional Request for Extension should be filed. A provisional request will allow an account to stay open in case the extension is not formally granted before the end of an award.

No-Cost Extension Request ProcessBack to Top

  • No-cost extension requests should be routed through CALS and UW-Madison Research and Sponsored Programs for review/approval prior to submission to the sponsor.
  • Requests should be prepared on departmental letterhead including the following information:

    • Agency project number
    • Principal investigator name
    • Project title
    • UW-Madison fund-account number
    • Award period (begin and end dates)
    • New requested end date
    • PI contact information
    • Signatures from the principal investigator, Dean’s office, and RSP
    • Clear justification statement
    • Summary of progress to date
    • Estimate of funds remaining
    • Timetable for completion

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