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  • The University receives gifts as unrestricted support. Gift funds cannot be associated with requirements for detailed fiscal or technical reports, for rights to intellectual property, or which restrict our right to publish or disseminate information or data derived from the supported activity.
  • Gifts are irrevocable and have no time limit on the expenditure of funds.
  • Gift checks must be routed using a Gift Check Routing Form. This form can be filled out electronically, but must be printed and submitted in hard copy.
    Note: For the signature page, please make sure the department administrator or department chair sign the form. If you are depositing into a chair account, the chair will sign as the PI, and the department administrator (or someone else who is authorized) will sign as the chair. The chair of the department cannot sign as both PI and chair. If that is the case, the gift form will be returned to the department for correction, which will delay processing of the check.
  • Transmittal of a gift generates a letter to the donor thanking them for their support and indicating the terms under which the gift is accepted. This letter is intended to ensure that donors understand the terms under which their gift was provided. View a Sample Gift Acknowledgement Letter.
  • Please direct all inquiries regarding gifts to Casey Hillmer, (608) 262-2397 or

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In 2008, all gift projects were converted to fund 233. All 133 awards have been issued a new 233 number, and the 133 Project ID is no longer active.

To prevent any charges from being posted to the old 133 Project ID’s, the accounts are now inactive in SFS and set to status “Closed Archived”. If you need to see detailed transactional data prior to 7/1/2008 you must use the old 133 Project ID AND change the status on the WISDM search page to include project status of “6-Closed – Archived.”

Please use “233” for all future transactions and on cost transfers when a charge is being moved off a 133 gift account.

The migration of budget balances has occurred. With every conversion there are glitches. If you believe you have a 133 project that was mistakenly converted to a 233 or one that wasn’t please email Sandy Fowler at with details.

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  1. Complete a  UWF Check Request Form. Indicate the Payee as the Board of Regents of the UW System and leave the Mail Check To section of the form blank (put a space in the field to ensure you don’t receive an error message for leaving this field blank).
  2. Prepare a UW Gift Routing Form . Leave the check number and check date blank.
  3. Submit two copies of the UWF Check Request Form and the UW Gift Routing Form to the appropriate Dean or Director’s Office for approval. After approval, the Dean or Director’s office submits one copy of both forms to UWF.
  4. UWF sends the disbursement and the UW Gift Routing Form to RSP.
    RSP either creates a new fund 233 project and deposits the funds or adds the funds to an existing fund 233 project. At  will at the same time, RSP will increase the budget of the 233 project.
  5. RSP will send an e-mail notice to the designated administrative persons of the affected fund 233 project indicating that the transfer is complete.
  6. The increased budget and the receipts will be visible in WISDM.

For more information, see the UW Business Services “How To Request Funds from UW Foundation to University Fund 233 Projects” page.

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