Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowships

2017-18 Nominations due Friday, January 27, 2017 to CALS Research Division at fellowships@cals.wisc.edu


The WDGF program was established in 1997 through collaboration between the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (VCRGE), UW Foundation, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), UW schools and colleges, and alumni donors. Award packages include tuition and fees, health insurance eligibility, and $1500 in flexible funds.

CALS has multiple Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowships and one Graduate Fellowship to award for the 2017-18 academic year. We are pleased to issue calls for nominations for the following awards:

Louis and Elsa Thomsen Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowships

Open to dissertators only in a CALS graduate program or any graduate degree program in which CALS faculty participate.

Each program is limited to one nomination.

Robert M. Heins Distinguished Graduate Fellowship

Open to full time students enrolled in a CALS PhD program or in any PhD degree program in which CALS faculty participate.

Each program limited to one nomination.

Wisconsin Potato Industry Board (WPIB) – Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship

Open to dissertators, non-dissertators and Master degree students in a CALS graduate program or any graduate degree program in which CALS faculty participate.

Each program is limited to two nominees (one in the area of ground water resources research and one nominee in the area of potato research).

Nomination Process

  • Nominations must be submitted by the degree program Director or the degree program administrative staff.
  • The nominee’s major advisor must have a tenured or tenure-leading appointment in CALS or hold a partial appointment of 0.1 FTE or greater in CALS to be eligible.
  • Nomination materials should be compiled and submitted in the following order and include:
    1. The application cover page (see attachment)
    2. A nomination letter from the major advisor
    3. A one-page research project description written by the candidate for a non-specialist reviewer.  The one-page research project description should clearly define the nature and scope of the project, as well as a summary of accomplishments to date, a description of expected outcomes, and a timeline for completion.
    4. The student’s curriculum vitae
    5. The student’s graduate transcript
  • ONE electronic copy of the nomination materials should be sent to CALS Research Division at fellowships@cals.wisc.edu by Friday, January 27, 2017.
  • For general questions about the nomination process, please contact Michell Sass (5-9534 or michell.sass@wisc.edu)
  • For questions about nominations within a specific department, see the list of Departmental Contacts below.


CALS WDGF Contacts

General Contacts
Function Contact E-mail Telephone
Administrative Inquiries (Heins, Thomsen and WPIB WDGFs and Caldwell Fellowship only) Michell Sass michell.sass@wisc.edu 265-9534
Financial Inquiries and all Department Administered WDGFs Graig Brooks graig.brooks@wisc.edu 262-2084
Departmental Contacts
Department Contact E-mail Telephone
Agricultural & Applied Economics Terri Wipperfurth twipperf@wisc.edu 262-0312
Agronomy Sandy Bennett skbennet@wisc.edu 262-9928
Animal Science Sheila Pink sfpink@ansci.wisc.edu 263-4514
Bacteriology Kari Straus kastraus@wisc.edu 890-1158
Biochemistry Cathy Michael cmichael@biochem.wisc.edu 263-2951
Biological Systems Engineering Susan Reinen smreinen@wisc.edu 262-2250
Community and Environmental Sociology Ken Scott kjscott@wisc.edu 262-9533
Dairy Science Nancy Hilmanowski nahilman@wisc.edu 263-6435
Entomology Margaret Webster mmwebste@wisc.edu 262-3073
Food Science Marcia Verhage verhage@wisc.edu 263-7033
Forest and Wildlife Ecology Margaret Webster mmwebster@wisc.edu 262-3073
Genetics Patrick Litza litza@wisc.edu 262-3112
Horticulture Tricia Check tlcheck@wisc.edu 265-8502
Landscape Architecture Ken Scott kjscott@wisc.edu 262-9533
Life Sciences Communication  Sandy Bennett  skbennet@wisc.edu 262-1463
Nutritional Sciences Bill Omdahl omdahl@nutrisci.wisc.edu 262-2887
Plant Pathology Margaret Webster mmwebste@wisc.edu 262-3073
Soil Science Julie Garvin jgarvin2@wisc.edu 262-2239


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